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New Mexico Barbary Sheep Hunts

Join Triple C Outfitters this February for some of New Mexico’s finest free range Barbary sheep hunting.  Barbary sheep, also called Aoudad, are native to North Africa.  As a result, they have adapted to survive in dry, rough, barren, and water scarce habitats.  Their food consists of a wide variety of vegetation including grasses, forbs, and shrubs.  Barbary sheep live in small groups comprised of old and young animals of both sexes.  They are capable of surviving long periods without access to fresh water. They were introduced as a non-native species into the wild of New Mexico in the 1950’s.  Over the last 65 years these incredible animals have thrived in the rocky desert environment of New Mexico.  They are expert climbers and have incredible eyesight. Consequently, they are difficult to hunt and 300-500 yard shots are not uncommon. 

Whether you are looking for a hunt on private land or public land, we have you covered.    Our private lease is 7,000 deeded acres of prime habitat located in the heart of New Mexico sheep country.  Shot opportunity on 28”+ rams has been 70% over the last 5 years on our private lease. We also hunt public land units 29, 30, 32, 34,and 36. We usually see and kill our biggest rams each year on vast stretches of roadless public land.  Shot opportunity on 28”+ rams has been 60% over the last 5 years on public land hunts.  All sheep hunts are extremely challenging and hunters should arrive in great shape to maximize their chance of success.  We often leave the truck at daybreak and do not return until well after dark.  It is not uncommon for to walk 6-12 miles/day on sheep hunts.

Mature rams will be 8-14 years old and will measure 28”-34”.  Any ram measuring over the 30” mark is truly a once in a lifetime trophy.  The long, golden chaps and mane on mature rams makes for a beautiful shoulder or pedestal mount.  Often referred to as the “Poor Man’s” sheep hunt, this is a physically challenging hunt that will put your hunting skills to the test.  The reward for successful hunters is a truly magnificent trophy animal.

Barbary Sheep Hunt Units & Dates

All Barbary Sheep hunts take place during the month of February. We hunt the below units:

  • Barbary Sheep Unit 29
  • Barbary Sheep Unit 30
  • Barbary Sheep Unit 32
  • Barbary Sheep Unit 34
  • Barbary Sheep Unit 36.

Hunt Packages and Rates

Fully Outfitted Sheep Hunts

  • Private Land Hunts - $4,000/hunter
  • Public Land Hunts - $3,500/hunter

This is our premium hunt package that includes 4 full days of expert guide service, field transportation, 5 nights lodging, meals, and beverages for the duration of your hunt.   When your trophy is down, your guide will handle skinning, quartering, rough caping, and packing out your trophy.  Show up to camp with your hunting clothes and equipment and we will handle the rest.

Semi-Guided Sheep Hunts

  • Private Land Hunts - $3,500/hunter
  • Public Land Hunts - $3,000/hunter

This package includes 2 full days of expert guide service, as well as 5 nights lodging, meals, and beverages for the duration of your 4 day hunt. 

Guided Only Sheep Hunts

  • Private Land Hunts - $3,500/hunter
  • Public Land Hunts - $3,000/hunter

This is a popular package with hunters who want a guide the entire 4 day hunt, but prefer to handle their own lodging and cooking.  This package includes 4 full days of expert guide service.

Not Included: Pricing does not include 7% NM sales tax, state license cost, meat processing/butchering, taxidermy, or customary guide gratuity. Transportation to hunting camp is the client’s responsibility. Airport pickup and drop-off service can be arranged at additional cost. Above rates are based on 2x1 guide service, upgrade to 1x1 guide service is an additional $1,000/hunter.

How to Get your Barbary Sheep Tag

Private land tags can be purchased online, no draw necessary.

Public land tags are issued only through the draw. However, applications through the NM Outfitter Pool have an 85% success rate. Triple C Outfitters provides a Free Application Service and is happy to assist you with your New Mexico Barbary Sheep application.  The draw application deadline is March 21, 2018

Deposit:  No deposit is required until you draw your tag.  If you are successful in drawing a tag, a 50% deposit is required by June 30 to reserve your spot in camp.  The remaining 50% balance is due two weeks prior to your scheduled hunt date.

Free Application Service

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